You are our firstborn,

The excellence of our strength,

The angel at my shoulder,

The one who first made us parents.

As you step out on your own,

On to a path I have never trod in my life,

My prayer is that the foundations

We have laid will hold.

As you launch out into the deep,

Our prayer for you is this,

Point yourself to the true north

Towards God and His shores.

May His breath waft your sails,

His wind fan your face,

His dew cool your pace

His lamp lighten your way.

May His love envelope your heart,

His thoughts fill your mind,

His needs stir your will,

His word be your stay.

May He be the only Bridegroom

Who fills your heart

Who stirs your gut

Who moulds your being.

May He be the One who satisfies until

The one who is His choice comes

To claim you as his bride.

May goodness and mercy follow you

All the days of your life,

May you dwell in His house for ever.

We love you, bless you

We commit you into His hands,

The best of all we have!



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