​Babel is the site of multiplication of languages, the ensuing confusion and the dispersion that followed.  Babel is synonymous with “a confused mixture of sounds, voices, or languages; a confused assembly, and the origin of the word ‘babbling’.

Babel is also the site of man’s declaration and effort to ‘make a name for ourselves’. Dictionary defines this as being famous, well known, celebrated, prominent, popular, acclaimed, honored, exalted, much publicized etc.

Today, more than any time before, there exists a frenzy, an insane urgency to be well-known, advertised, promoted, celebrated, influential, accepted, acknowledged, advanced, etc. This is driving us to heights of selfishness, self-centredness and self-aggrandizement.

This narcissism is stripping us of all that makes us humans, the crown of creation and the image of God, compelling us to degenerate to the lowest level of satisfying animal instincts. One has to only note the increase of crimes against and abuse of the weak and lowly (children, women, elderly, infirm, downtrodden, etc) to bear witness to this.

It is making us strip our children of their appropriate seasons of growth, play and freedom to push them ahead into the rat race. We don’t understand that they could bloom too early and fade away too soon, like hothouse roses. One has only to watch the plethora of reality shows targeting kids to perceive this.

It is causing us to be impatient of the meek, inconsiderate of the weak, insistent with those who seek, imperative with the least and intolerant of most. In our race for the crown, we run roughshod over and uproot, not the weeds but the wheat. One has to only read of the increase of depression, suicides, emotional wrecks, drug abuse, promiscuity etc., to attest to this.

Its time to pause and take stock of it all, weigh the pros and cons, think through the issues, decide wisely, rest awhile, relax a moment, walk a mile, be content. Its time to choose not to be wildfires, wasting all before us but respect life as humans!

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Two incidents that happened simultaneously – certain people missing an event they were invited to and certain other people taking a course of action not conducive to their own betterment – paused me to ponder. The common excuse we satisfy ourselves with is: Maybe they were not meant to be there or do that! 

There is, of course, an element of truth in it, but most often such thoughts or words are an outlet, a way of consoling ourselves, a patting of our backs and a dealing with our keen sense of loss. We tend to forget that everything is a matter of choice rather than a force of circumstance!

Our choices determine who we are and what we do. Our choices determine who we want to be or what we want to do. Our choices make us or mar us, for life!

Sure there are times when our circumstances are not under our control, but even then there is an element of choice – how we react or act to or in such circumstances. We readily forget that every action & reaction sets in motion ripples of effect that are quietly impact, not just our life but all relationships we are part of!

Freewill is the most invaluable creation gift uniquely bestowed on mankind and on no other. How we use this free gift determines who we become, what we do, where we will be, when we will achieve etc.

Life sure does have its ups and downs. Life often does seem partial. Yet, even when it strews our way with sticks and stones, we still can use them to build or destroy.Choice is ours!

True wisdom is to acknowledge and take responsibility for our lives, not lose hope but work with all that comes our way, uniquely weaving the black & white into the tapestry of our life, making a masterpiece of creation!



Wealth doesn't mean wealthy,
Riches don't denote richness.
Property mayn't ensure prosperity,
Finance won't imply freedom.
Provision can't provide perspective,
These are but evanescent!

Affluence accounts but won't give access,
Gifts goad but may not impart grace.
Income induces but can't instill interest,
Equity excites but doesn't extend existence.
Valuables vouch but don't add value,
These are but fleeting!

Investment incubates increase,
Money multiplies millions.
Treasure transcends treason, 
Gold garners glitters.
Bond brings bliss,
These are but froth!

Savings can't give salvation,
Assets ensure not assurance.
Deposits don't deny death,
Policies won't guarantee painless.
Accounts communicate not accountability,
These are but transient!

All that is lasting,
All that makes free
All that satisfies,
All that substantiates,
All that is corrosion-free,
There is but one thing to do!

Search for them as hidden treasures,
Run after them in fearless vestures
Pursue them with ceaseless measures,
Strive in them as rousing ventures
Persevere in spite of constant pressures,
They are but the only lasting structures!

PROV 2:4 & COL 3:1-3


Made pancakes this morning for breakfast and Chettinad vatha kuzhlambu, from scratch.

I am not proficient in either of these and so followed the step-by-step method given on the internet. Thank God for Google!

The most important instruction that was given for the pancakes was: YOU MUST FOLLOW THE RECIPE EXACTLY TO GET FLUFFY, TASTY PANCAKES!

Thus got me thinking and yes, mulling!

When it comes to technical processes, management steps, chemical formulae, manual instructions and cooking recipes, we are masters in following them exactly and intrinsically to achieve great results. Good for us!

However, when it comes to following rhe Good Book, as the Bible is known, we dither and mutter, we dilly and dally, we argue and compromise, we tweak a little here and cheat a little there and then except results!

When we fail, we blame the Master Architect of the WHOLE  UNIVERSE and take Him to task for our woes! Nothing anywhere goes wrong with the natural world and everything goes like clockwork, unless we have intervened and messed it up in some way somewhere.

Funny, isn’t it? Tragic too, for instead of running to Him to help, we run away from Him who can actually fix it all and set it!


*Btw, the pictures are from the internet and not my creations. I was too busy following instructions to take pictures!


Matt Walsh says "Parenting is the easiest thing to have an opinion about, 
but the hardest thing in the world to do". How true! 
I will add that its also the most important thing to do & to be occupied in/with!

In the past, the preoccupation with the generation & legacy has very often given birth to discrimination & osctracization.
In their search for purity of pedigree, people have tended to be inhuman & self-righteous.
Today, in order to overcome this exclusiveness, we have swung to the opposite.
We have become insensitive to the download & transfer that is necessary to perpetuate humankind as a whole.

We are very aware of sustaining our world, our environment, our technological progress, etc.
We are in the danger of losing sight of the need to sustain people & soon the most endangered species on earth could be HUMANS!
Procreation through marriage & parenting is being replaced with sex as recreation without responsibility!
The greatest goal a human being can have is the commitment to raise the next generation to live wholesome life.
Thus parenting becomes the most significant task/job/occupation/project to be engrossed in!




Recently I had an occasion to be in a tourist destination and the place had a dress code for women. They asked that women be covered to below their knees. Most people  visiting the place did not demur to this simple code, as they helpfully provided a covering if your dress did not match up to the prescribed standard.

Up came a family with two small kids below ten years and a son between 10-14 years. The mother was requested kindly to cover her knees and help was offered for it. The boy became offended with this restriction and refused to go further into the place. His belligerence caused the mother also to stay back at the entrance, while the father and other kids went on.

Dictionary defines tourist as a person who travels to a place for pleasure or one that makes a tour for pleasure or culture. However, most often the tourist may tend to behave in a way that may offend the very culture they have come to sample. Tourist may end up giving displeasure while taking their pleasure.

When traveling or visiting different nations or place, it is important to understand the nuances of the area being toured. Culture, customs and traditions vary from place to place, region to region and continent to continent. The very joy of travel and tourism  does not lie in mere sightseeing, but also in sampling and marveling at the rich and varied culture that is in different parts or portions of the globe. If everything was the same everywhere, travel or tourism would be monotonous, stereotyped, mechanical, robotic and dull.

The boy probably felt insulted that his mother was asked to adhere to something and that she had the right to dress as she wanted. Guess he forgot that one’s right ends where another one’s begins. Guess he also forgot that when visiting some one else home, you must behave with the etiquette due from a guest!

A little background reading and research on the internet can help the most reluctant traveler enjoy their trip, without getting offended or giving offense.!


Last year we were swamped with floods and the whole city suffered a loss. A loss that was man made and something that could have been avoided with a little more care, thinking through the issues and prompt appropriate action.

This year the same loss, only in a different sector, with the not just the city but the whole country reeling with its impact.

This again something is that could have been avoided with little more forethought, compassion and planning.


Unfortunately, the latest economic reform violates this basic principle of good governance. Its the innocent law abiding citizens who have become the victims of what was meant for the lawless.

Has it been worth it???😢