kids.jpgA BIRTHDAY POEM FOR MY SON  (Johanan Anton Pranesh Immanuel )

You came into our compact lives,
Like a bowling ball skittering the stolid pins.
You were rolled by the Hand of God into our midst,
Disturbing and rearranging our well-laid plans!

You came as a refreshing new wind of change,
Carrying with you the cool breath of heaven.
You wafted like spritely ariel into our lives,
Soothing us all with the abundance of your love!

Not for all riches in this world would we ever forgo,
The ever increasing joy of having you,
None can fathom the wisdom of our God,
Nor understand the vastness of His plot!

May the years ahead be filled with peace,
Of knowing Him who holds you in His hand.
He, not us, is worthy of your trust in life’s lease,
Yet we rejoice, thanking Him for the years we have in remand!
By Sabina Tagore Immanuel


It hurts to see the world hurtling by,

No thought or sentiment to remember you by.

No balm or alarm to mark your turn of time,

Nor concern or care to help you wade the tide!

It pains to watch their wake pulsing by,

While you sit in the shallows of your ebbing bye.

Not that you grudge the boom of their wave,

Nor envy the flush of their flashing dive!

It quietens to know the qualm is just passing by,

It isn’t here to stay, just help you stay.

None can reverse the rising dawn,

Nor return the roaring of the new morn!


Wealth doesn't mean wealthy,
Riches don't denote richness.
Property mayn't ensure prosperity,
Finance won't imply freedom.
Provision can't provide perspective,
These are but evanescent!

Affluence accounts but won't give access,
Gifts goad but may not impart grace.
Income induces but can't instill interest,
Equity excites but doesn't extend existence.
Valuables vouch but don't add value,
These are but fleeting!

Investment incubates increase,
Money multiplies millions.
Treasure transcends treason, 
Gold garners glitters.
Bond brings bliss,
These are but froth!

Savings can't give salvation,
Assets ensure not assurance.
Deposits don't deny death,
Policies won't guarantee painless.
Accounts communicate not accountability,
These are but transient!

All that is lasting,
All that makes free
All that satisfies,
All that substantiates,
All that is corrosion-free,
There is but one thing to do!

Search for them as hidden treasures,
Run after them in fearless vestures
Pursue them with ceaseless measures,
Strive in them as rousing ventures
Persevere in spite of constant pressures,
They are but the only lasting structures!

PROV 2:4 & COL 3:1-3


God of all of universe,
Master of earth & sky,
Deigned to be human.
Mystery of loving care,
Born to die, born to set free!

Only Begotten of the true God,
Epitome of grace,
Walked into life
Lamb of His love,
Marked before ages, marked for time!

Sacrifice of God,
Holy & pure
Laid on the altar.
Heaven's offering,
Willingly given, willingly received!

Son of man,
Potter's clay,
Exemplified mercy.
Meek and mild,
Humble to the core, humble to the end!
Face of God
Wisdom's plan
Sought His will
Reflector of His light
Thought not of himself, thought only of us!

Righteousness of God,
Glory of His Name,
Satisfied true justice.
Ruler of His realm,
Rose out of darkness, rose to give light!

Divine weakness,
Manhood's strength,
Died to give life.
Victor of death,
Glorified for now, glorified for ever!


Here I hang, dangling between hope & despair,
Indecisive & unsure, dogged & determined,
Knowing not of what is yet to come,
Knowing what it was, that it bodes no good.

Here I stand, swaying between faith & fear,
Impotent & inadequate, ineffectual & incapable,
Wishing it needn't have to be so,
Wishing I could do something more!

Here I rest, in the inbetween, rolling between feeling & fact,
Uncertain & unaware, of the outcome of it all.
So what should I do, live by faith or sight?
Ah Lord, I remember Sunday's round the corner!
*Writing this on the Saturday between Good Friday & Easter Sunday, while I am waiting to hear about my very sick sister who is undergoing tests in a hospital. Pic © Toronto International Film Festival