Gone from what is called life,
Gone to live another better life,
Gone from the shackles of pain & death,
Gone to the freedom of sustaining bliss.

Gone from the bottles of earthly life,
Gone to drink from rivers of heavenly life,
Gone from the food that rots the bones,
Gone to eat from the tree that restores youth!

Gone to be bathed in the rays of eternal sunshine,
Gone to a life of everlasting gladness,
Gone to walk in the streets of golden joy,
Gone to laugh and dance for every time!

Gone to a place of peaceful coexistence,
Gone to a realm of loving kindness.
Gone to a home of freedom from care,
Gone to a land of all that you longed to have!

Gone because life, not death, called you,
Gone because healing, not sickness, overwhelmed you.
Gone because joy, not sorrow, filled you,
Gone because God, not devil, claimed you!

Sabina Tagore Immanuel




Who can bear the loss of a life,
A daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend, a mentor,
All rolled together in one?

Who can know the extent of breath,
Whether it is an hour, a day, a month, a year,
All condensed to form a living!

Who can redeem the lost,
Restore the marred, repair the breach,
All making it anew!

Who can fill the​ essence of someone that
Twined her life in birth, interlaced her days in marriage,
Walked together in time, but unbraided herself in death!

Who can fathom the length of a trail,
The height of a flight, the depth of a plunge,
Or the breadth of a range!

Who can but You O Lord,
Calm the storm, quiet the seas, carry the weak,
And destroy death’s decay!

Strengthen that which remains,
Smoothen that which trembles,
Straighten that which bends,
Supplement that which was lost,
O God of my existence, my sustenance!
                                                                        Sabina Tagore Immanuel

*My youngest sibling moved on to greener pastures, painless place & no-tears permanence on Aug 30th 2017 in Trichy, S. India. She was fiercely loyal, intensely committed, passionately vocal person, born homemaker, intuitive teacher, instinctive mother,  warrior wife, dutiful daughter & supportive sibling. She battled sickness with tenacity and fought the good fight till the end. I wrote this as an outpouring of the constriction of my heart as her absence hit me with force beyond compare.



As maid of honor at our cousin’s wedding when she was at the height of her womanhood!


kids.jpgA BIRTHDAY POEM FOR MY SON  (Johanan Anton Pranesh Immanuel )

You came into our compact lives,
Like a bowling ball skittering the stolid pins.
You were rolled by the Hand of God into our midst,
Disturbing and rearranging our well-laid plans!

You came as a refreshing new wind of change,
Carrying with you the cool breath of heaven.
You wafted like spritely ariel into our lives,
Soothing us all with the abundance of your love!

Not for all riches in this world would we ever forgo,
The ever increasing joy of having you,
None can fathom the wisdom of our God,
Nor understand the vastness of His plot!

May the years ahead be filled with peace,
Of knowing Him who holds you in His hand.
He, not us, is worthy of your trust in life’s lease,
Yet we rejoice, thanking Him for the years we have in remand!
By Sabina Tagore Immanuel


It hurts to see the world hurtling by,

No thought or sentiment to remember you by.

No balm or alarm to mark your turn of time,

Nor concern or care to help you wade the tide!

It pains to watch their wake pulsing by,

While you sit in the shallows of your ebbing bye.

Not that you grudge the boom of their wave,

Nor envy the flush of their flashing dive!

It quietens to know the qualm is just passing by,

It isn’t here to stay, just help you stay.

None can reverse the rising dawn,

Nor return the roaring of the new morn!


Wealth doesn't mean wealthy,
Riches don't denote richness.
Property mayn't ensure prosperity,
Finance won't imply freedom.
Provision can't provide perspective,
These are but evanescent!

Affluence accounts but won't give access,
Gifts goad but may not impart grace.
Income induces but can't instill interest,
Equity excites but doesn't extend existence.
Valuables vouch but don't add value,
These are but fleeting!

Investment incubates increase,
Money multiplies millions.
Treasure transcends treason, 
Gold garners glitters.
Bond brings bliss,
These are but froth!

Savings can't give salvation,
Assets ensure not assurance.
Deposits don't deny death,
Policies won't guarantee painless.
Accounts communicate not accountability,
These are but transient!

All that is lasting,
All that makes free
All that satisfies,
All that substantiates,
All that is corrosion-free,
There is but one thing to do!

Search for them as hidden treasures,
Run after them in fearless vestures
Pursue them with ceaseless measures,
Strive in them as rousing ventures
Persevere in spite of constant pressures,
They are but the only lasting structures!

PROV 2:4 & COL 3:1-3