The divine deal made us His very own,
Living to flavor the lives in the town,
To lighten the faces that sport a frown,
So His Father ‘s glory would be known!

The divine deal has given to us a kind master,
Who leads to green pastures & still waters,
What care do we fear when He is our provider,
Just seek His pleasure and no other treasure!

The divine deal has sealed us with His Name,
Making us truly the community of His fame.
With right attitudes we can truly bear His surname
With loving zeal let us be aflame!

Live this life with the standards of His Word,
That we might be the people of His eternal world.
Let that which is external not be our keyword
As we wait for Him crowned the only true Lord!

                        Sabina Tagore Immanuel
*Photo is courtesy unsplash.com


Thankful for the life you have given me,
Birthed safely from a woman, a woman to be.
Life could have ended in a fatal way,
But you thought to keep me until this beautiful day!
Thankful for the barren search of the early years,
When I walked the valley of teenage fears.
I floundered and flopped around with bitter tears,
Until you set my heart and feet towards solid shores!

Thankful for the times of marital growth,
While I resisted and fought the urge to bolt.
Balancing parenthood with wifehood wasn’t a breeze,
Until I knew you were the One I had to please!

Thankful for the season of serving publicly,
Where I saw my efforts bear fruit productively.
It was a favor you bestowed graciously,
I didn’t deserve even a bit of it seriously!

Thankful for the days that are yet to come,
The history of my past will enable me not to succumb.
Pleasures and pressures there are still to overcome,
You will hold me up until I am fully done!

*Photo https://unsplash.com/photos/p2OQW69vXP4


Wrapped around in a silken sheath,
I lie hidden in the darkness beneath.
Are these the coils of grave and death,
Or bindings that portend a freeing rebirth?

Bathed in the sunshine flooding the air,
I used to bask in the light without a care.
Why didn’t I know about this silent stage,
Or warned of this inevitable slowing of pace?

Here I now sit clueless and confused,
Not knowing why I am confined and bruised.
To what end this dismantling of past growth,
Or the rearrangement of my parts without any oath?

Yet I sense a stirring of new life within me,
A quietening influence that comforts me.
A voice that whispers softly the key,
“Don’t resist just submit to the new decree”!

So I wait in stillness for that quiet call,
To come forth and be free, once and for all.
I shall surmount heights I’ve never scaled,
With wings of strength and beauty unveiled!

*A painted lady chrysalis. Photo by Deanster1983 via Flickr


Pray without ceasing,
As its the breath of godly life.
Pray without relenting,
Until you cross to the afterlife!

Pray that we may be daily transformed,
For to His image we must be conformed.
Pray that His Body may grow and expand,
Until we mature as God’s holy band!

Pray that you may ever be set free ,
From words that limit your destiny.
Pray that you may be wholly healed,
From things that disturb your equanimity!

Pray to be delivered from the hand of the enemy,
So that you may live in peaceful safety.
Pray to be forgiven of your sin and felony,
So that the nation may enjoy quiet prosperity!

Pray for it only depends on the One its addressed to,
He won’t mind how awkward or feeble it comes through!
Pray for the Holy Spirit empowers you,
You make a big difference when you do so!

*Poem inspired by Sunday sermon at NLAG, India
*Photos courtesy https://unsplash.com/search/photos/prayer


Living together with another you can’t live without,
Butterflies in the stomach is not what it’s all about!
It’s not even about being treated like royalty,
For that’s such an unsustainable reality!

It’s not about looking good or pretty enough,
It’s not about fetch and carry or doing other stuff!
It’s not about agreeing or not fighting,
It’s all about of who you are thinking!

Love is not just an emotion or even a motivation,
Love is not just an option or even a reciprocation!
Love is actually the choice of going beyond oneself,
Love is being in the image of God Himself!

Love is what makes the world go round,
Loves is what keeps us coming again and around!
Love transforms the mundane and the normal,
Love moves the natural to the supernatural!

                                                                           © SABINA TAGORE IMMANUEL
*Photo courtesy Lotte Meijer on Unsplash


We gather together at His table,
As often as we can or are able.
On the first and the fifteenth,
Once or twice every month!

We gather together as a community,
To commemorate Him as one family,
We partake in a simple communion,
To celebrate Him in a holy union!

We gather together to REMEMBER,
His death and His resurrection,
That made us each a member,
Of His Body by His wonderful affection!

We gather together to solemnly REPENT,
Of evil ways and wrong intent,
We constantly need to reorient,
To Him one hundred percent!

We gather together to RECOMMIT,
Our lives in humble surrender,
To live according to His holy writ,
And to honor His saving splendor!

We gather together to RECONCILE,
With one another and not be juvenile,
We need to just forgive one another,
For we belong to the same Father!

We gather together to RENEW,
Our covenant with Him anew,
He will give us a needed breakthrough,
When we always keep this in view!

We gather together once again,
Around His table time and again,
He will REFRESH us with His gentle rain,
Until He comes to rule and reign!

(Inspired to write this as Ps Ben⁩ read I Cor 11 & prayed for communion in 4th service of NLAG Church, Chennai, S.India!)

©NLAG, Chennai, S.India


Don’t try to fix your spouse,
It doesn’t work that way.
You’ll only end up in a grouse,
However much you pray!

Don’t try to change your spouse,
It won’t happen whatever you say.
You will only end up in the doghouse,
If God cannot be your stay!

Don’t try to bully your spouse,
Whatever transpires in your day
You will end up smashing your house,
If you continue to be in the fray !

God didn’t make two as one,
For you to walk away.
He wants you to be like His Son,
Loving even when people go astray!

God unites man and woman in holy matrimony,
To reflect Him to the world in simple harmony.
Marriage is meant to be a romantic symphony,
We have made it to be a confused cacophony!

So rise up to build your home in godly dignity,
Don’t wait to see who will surrender in abject humility.
God has placed a treasure within your ability,
He will help you win in spite of human frailty!

*Photo courtesy http://139hzkajk0a3r37794bthki2.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/betterorworse.jpg