Arise, O Woman, shake off the dust,
Why do you sit with your head in your hands,?
Don’t you know you can’t allow your life to rust,
There is still work to be done before you rest!

Arise, O Woman, shake off your gloom,
Why do you rock and cry as if it is the day of doom!
Don’t you realize life is still full of newness and bloom,
There is much to be done so don’t be overcome!

Arise, O Woman, shake off the cobwebs and frost,
What do you mean when you say all is lost!
Don’t you catch that this just a wakeup post,
There is still much for you to apprehend and accost!

Arise, O Woman, don’t give up now,
Yes the battle is strong and the sharp winds do blow!
Don’t let go of what is yours and in self-pity wallow,
Be strong, our God is mighty and He won’t let you go!

Sabina Tagore Immanuel
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Hitherto has the Lord helped us,
The ever present reminder in my troubles,
A constant refrain that rings in my ear,
A stable anchor amidst the raging waves
That rock my boat with many a tear.

Hitherto has the Lord been our guide,
Helping us traverse the rocky divide,
A restful shade in a barren hillside,
A wellspring of water in a desert site,
He’s the cool cloud under which I stride.

Hitherto has the Lord led us through a spar,
Safe and secure inspite of many a scar,
A shield in battle when the enemy rages from near or far,
A tower of defense when we tire in despair,
He is the banner under which I fight life’s war.

Hitherto has Lord been our beacon of might,
Shining on our path as lamp and light,
A sun by day and a moon by night,
A beam of rare hope that keeps me alive,
He is the star under which I live with true insight.

Ebenezer God is still on the throne,
Everything is well on this earth we call home,
None can stop all that He has decided or planned,
Nor prevent anything when He holds command,
Time is under the control and rule of His hand.

*Thanks to Matteo Vistocco for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁 https://unsplash.com/photos/CYN6x1FyPWs


Not objects of wrath
But targets of mercy

Not orphans abandoned
But heirs salvaged

Not hated even a moment
But loved forever eternally

Not sinners rejected summarily
But saints accepted unconditionally

Not branded as accursed
But sealed as truly blessed

Not people destined for hell
But inheritors waiting for total redemption!

Sabina Tagore Immanuel
*Photo courtesy: https://unsplash.com/photos/7XGtYefMXiQ and https://unsplash.com/photos/Kr8Tc8Rugdk


Circumcise my heart, O Lord
And retrieve me with Your love,
Peel back the layers of hardness,
Vulcanized in the process of the ages of my years.

Expose to the light the overshadowing of its darkness,
Cause it to throb afresh with the flow of abundant life.
Scrape off the scabs of a toil that’s oh so wearisome,
Renewing in me once more the sense in a heart of flesh .

Open my blind eyes to see anew,
Distant visions, unchartered vistas that’s hidden in plain sight.
Help me cast aside once more, the garments of my cast,
Joyfully divesting off the glories of my faded past.

Make me patiently await the trappings of my new estate,
Readily shaking off the dust of my last glowing glaze,
Arising to follow You in the wake of Your path,
May I be propelled forward by the cadence of Your grace.

Draw me to the heights with the intenseness of Your hail,
To live within the confines of the intimacy of Your call.
May I never be raptured with the glamour of this cosmos,
Or rest content to dance the tune of the clamour of its beat.

May I always seek to be satiated with the rewards of Your world
Chastened ever daily by the turnings of Your Love!
May I constantly long to be transformed to the pattern of Your likeness,
Until I see Your image mirrored in the entirety of my all!

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Do you really know the heart of God,
Or even aware of what it beats for?
Do you comprehend what gets His nod,
Or even understand what He longs for!

Do you realize that He is working for the world’s salvation,
While you pray for His wrath on whom He has compassion!
Do you still wish to pray for revenge and retaliation,
While He wants you to bridge the gap in reconciliation!

What if God were to deal with you just the same,
As you do with those you want to shame?
What if He turned around to tarnish your name,
As you do to those you seek to point and blame!

Don’t you realize what would soon happen,
If God were to turn against you and abandon!
Are you cognizant of how hard it will be,
If God were not your friend but your foe!

Let your heart in sync be with what He wants,
Throbbing in tune with the rhythm of His atonement!
Let it seek and crave only what He desires,
Blessing will be yours when you are His in committment!

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He is the true and righteous advocate,
Who is ready to defend every petition with grace,
He’s never made even a single error or mistake,
Who is yet to give up on anyone as hopeless case!

He is on the side of the discarded and rejected ones,
Those who’ve been battered by wrongs and word stones,
Marginalized and neglected, they survive on society’s crumbs,
Such are the people He seeks and constantly welcomes.

He readily takes up and pleads their just cause,
Showering on them His favor and compassion nonstop,
Though they maybe interred in a dark and dirty jailhouse,
His eyes are always on them constantly without a fullstop.

Careful to judge whose side you do take,
Those He seeks to bless be not the one to break,
Don’t end up working against Him like the snake.
Lest you find yourself under the same curse and fate!

Thanks to @byrawpixel for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁 https://unsplash.com/photos/wHlaFa4H3DQ


He had been there in the background for many years,
A calming silent presence in the midst of my tears,
Shadowy substance hidden in haze and misty meres,
I didn’t see him ‘cos I hid behind many fears.

He was content to calmly woo me in my essence ,
Quietly waiting to break the time of his silence,
Patiently he bore my negligence and defiance,
Until the moment was ripe for proper affiance.

He stepped into the open to catch my attention,
Swept away all my doubts and morbid apprehension,
Capturing my heart with his gentle persuasion,
He made me aware of his original intention.

I was amazed when I saw it was me he had chosen,
To be his own who was nothing except broken.
I couldn’t for the life of me see why he had this notion,
That I was something worthy of his full devotion.

He made me so strong with his love that I did really blossom,
He made me secure with his care that I feel so awesome.
I was startled to hear that he rescued me with a ransom,
And now he is in the process of producing a transform.

Falling in love with Jesus was an easy thing,
Why wouldn’t I when he thinks I am worth something!
He is my stable anchor in any and everything,
For me to live for Him is the only the right thing!

*: https://unsplash.com/photos/Fg632J5h-hk


My God is skilled in creating,
He can start with little or nothing,
Make it in to a great something
Who is like Him with small beginning!

My God is skilled in the providing,
He can take a small supplying,
Make it sufficient by multiplying,
Who is like Him in miracle working!

My God is awesome in compassion,
He can look beyond the assumption,
Make the sinner a saint by absolution,
Who is like Him in salvation and redemption!

My God is not restricted by weakness,
He can heal and relieve any sickness,
Make free from crippling mental illness,
Who is like Him in restoring brokenness!

My God is incomparable in true love,
He can never really reject or disapprove,
Make no mistake for He is the gentle dove,
Who is like Him on earth and in heaven above!

*Thanks to @graphitemitts for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁 https://unsplash.com/photos/7e89MSusYE8


The tongue is a fire the good book does claim,
Lighting the course of nature with hell’s own flame,
A world of evil that seeks to corrupt and maim,
The one who can tame it has nary a blame!

Small though it is, it boasts so great,
Perfect is the one who uses it not to bait.
Ships and horses can be turned the right way,
But we use it to terminate rather than create!

Stammering lips and unknown tongue the Lord did promise,
The Spirit descended with cloven tongues to astonish,
The predicted rain came on all to refresh,
Come ye thirsty to drink and be at rest!

*This week’s pic reminded me of the Apostle James’ warning about the tongue in the Bible. I was also reminded of the promise given through the Prophets Isaiah and Joel of the new tongue and language that will transform. Combined it all in this poem!
*Friday Fictioneers is talented group of enthusiasts penning down a story, a poem, a prose, etc., expressing their heart about a photo prompt © Anshu Bhojnagarwala


When before God in your closet you do stand,
Brandishing a list of woes against one or all of your band,
Praying that He would on them lay a reprimand,
Don’t you realize whose side you are when you make that demand!

Accuser or Intercessor, which will you be,
What’s the petition you will raise when you’re on your knee?
Avenger or Forgiver, which will give you glee,
Don’t you realize whom you reflect, when you make your plea!

God looks for a person to plug the leak,
In the dyke of protection He’s put over His clique,
Repairer or Destroyer, who will you be in that breach,
Don’t let God down when you preach or do outreach !

Walking in love is a choice you just have to make,
For to follow Christ is to be His faithful namesake.
Walking in hate will only give you a bitter heartache,
Don’t end up suffering eternally in hell’s fiery lake!

Let go of your pain in the light of His amazing grace,
Don’t be in darkness when you can live before His face.
Leave it to Him to advocate your rightful case,
Don’t fret for He’ll see that you finally win the race!

*PC: https://goo.gl/images/AxkYJp