Mom, Mom, Mom!

Daniel, when did you come?

Just now, through the door!

How did I miss you? I was watching for you!

My bed and my room! Finally! Nothing like home!

Oh, here is Dad now!

Our boy is home!

Guys, what is this box here?

Open it and see!

A camera, the latest! How did you…

We saved up for it. Mom took in some sewing. I took in some work!

You have so many needs!

Son, you sacrificed your dream to work and support us. We can do the same!

Now you can pursue it, atleast part-time!

*Friday Fictioneers is talented group of enthusiasts penning down a story, a poem, a prose, etc., expressing their heart about a photo prompt, every week. Thanks for this week’s photo prompt ©Ted Strutz





She squealed when the place came into view.

“Happy, my queen?”

“Yes, my king. You found my dream place!”

“How did you manage to find it? How did you know?”

“I found your diary. I searched around. And here we are!”

“You are the best!”

“Keep saying that!”

“The location is picture perfect. Must have cost you a lot!”

“Anything for you, my sweet!”

Let’s walk around, before we go inside”

“Sure. We have still time, daylight left”

“Look at those woods. We can have long walks.”

She turned towards him with a smile.

Thunk! Stunned, she opened her eyes!

*Friday Fictioneers is talented group of enthusiasts penning down a story, a poem, a prose, etc., expressing their heart about a photo prompt, every week. Thanks for this week’s photo prompt ©Sandra Crook

NO BARRIER, does your father know what you are doing?

No Nungshibee.

Why not? Surely he would be happy that you will be appearing in the State level competition!

No, he won’t. You know what is the goal of our parents!

You mean marriage? Yes, I do.

If my face gets damaged I won’t be good bride material. He will have to give big dowry!

Yeah. Why we can’t follow our dreams and ambitions.

They don’t want to be the ridicule of others who will condemn them for not getting us married.

Win the State title, Mary. Set us free please!

*In India a woman is expected to marry and settle down. The father of the bride has to shell out a lot of money for the wedding and other expenses. So the goal of many Indian parents is to just enough education to get a good proposal and then marry them off. This is the story of one of the most courageous women in India, who just didn’t overcome one odd but many odds to prove her mettle. She is an inspiration to many in India. She is Mary Kom Boxer See the source imageChungneijang Mary Kom Hmangte, better known as Mary Kom, is an Indian Olympic boxer hailing from the Kom tribe in Manipur. She is a five-time World Amateur Boxing champion, and the only woman boxer to have won a medal in each one of the six world championships. Nicknamed “Magnificent Mary”, she is the only Indian woman boxer to have qualified for the 2012 Summer Olympics, competing in the flyweight category and winning the bronze medal. She has also been ranked as No. 4 AIBA World Women’s Ranking Flyweight category. She became the first Indian woman boxer to get a Gold Medal in the Asian Games in 2014 in Incheon, South Korea. A biopic has been made on her.

See the source image

*Friday Fictioneers is talented group of enthusiasts penning down a story, a poem, a prose, etc., expressing their heart about a photo prompt, every week. Thanks for this week’s photo prompt ©J Hardy Carroll



Thankful for the life you have given me,
Birthed safely from a woman, a woman to be.
Life could have ended in a fatal way,
But you thought to keep me until this beautiful day!
Thankful for the barren search of the early years,
When I walked the valley of teenage fears.
I floundered and flopped around with bitter tears,
Until you set my heart and feet towards solid shores!

Thankful for the times of marital growth,
While I resisted and fought the urge to bolt.
Balancing parenthood with wifehood wasn’t a breeze,
Until I knew you were the One I had to please!

Thankful for the season of serving publicly,
Where I saw my efforts bear fruit productively.
It was a favor you bestowed graciously,
I didn’t deserve even a bit of it seriously!

Thankful for the days that are yet to come,
The history of my past will enable me not to succumb.
Pleasures and pressures there are still to overcome,
You will hold me up until I am fully done!



Wrapped around in a silken sheath,
I lie hidden in the darkness beneath.
Are these the coils of grave and death,
Or bindings that portend a freeing rebirth?

Bathed in the sunshine flooding the air,
I used to bask in the light without a care.
Why didn’t I know about this silent stage,
Or warned of this inevitable slowing of pace?

Here I now sit clueless and confused,
Not knowing why I am confined and bruised.
To what end this dismantling of past growth,
Or the rearrangement of my parts without any oath?

Yet I sense a stirring of new life within me,
A quietening influence that comforts me.
A voice that whispers softly the key,
“Don’t resist just submit to the new decree”!

So I wait in stillness for that quiet call,
To come forth and be free, once and for all.
I shall surmount heights I’ve never scaled,
With wings of strength and beauty unveiled!

*A painted lady chrysalis. Photo by Deanster1983 via Flickr


Pray without ceasing,
As its the breath of godly life.
Pray without relenting,
Until you cross to the afterlife!

Pray that we may be daily transformed,
For to His image we must be conformed.
Pray that His Body may grow and expand,
Until we mature as God’s holy band!

Pray that you may ever be set free ,
From words that limit your destiny.
Pray that you may be wholly healed,
From things that disturb your equanimity!

Pray to be delivered from the hand of the enemy,
So that you may live in peaceful safety.
Pray to be forgiven of your sin and felony,
So that the nation may enjoy quiet prosperity!

Pray for it only depends on the One its addressed to,
He won’t mind how awkward or feeble it comes through!
Pray for the Holy Spirit empowers you,
You make a big difference when you do so!

*Poem inspired by Sunday sermon at NLAG, India
*Photos courtesy


Living together with another you can’t live without,
Butterflies in the stomach is not what it’s all about!
It’s not even about being treated like royalty,
For that’s such an unsustainable reality!

It’s not about looking good or pretty enough,
It’s not about fetch and carry or doing other stuff!
It’s not about agreeing or not fighting,
It’s all about of who you are thinking!

Love is not just an emotion or even a motivation,
Love is not just an option or even a reciprocation!
Love is actually the choice of going beyond oneself,
Love is being in the image of God Himself!

Love is what makes the world go round,
Loves is what keeps us coming again and around!
Love transforms the mundane and the normal,
Love moves the natural to the supernatural!

                                                                           © SABINA TAGORE IMMANUEL
*Photo courtesy Lotte Meijer on Unsplash