What’s it about money that makes us so blind,
To people and their cares, to sorrow and despair!

What’s it about wealth that makes us so dumb,
Of goodness and faith, of kindness and love!

What’s it about property that makes us so lame,
That often we end up casting the blame!

What’s it about position that makes us so sick,
That we go craving after the attention it mostly brings!

Mammon is a god that demands absolute trust,
An idol at first and a Siren at its best.

A master who entices with exceeding charms,
A supreme who enslaves without any qualms.

None can escape its bewitching net,
Nor elude the lure of its passionate paen.

Choose rather to serve the Sovereign of all,
Then you’ll live safe under the shadow of His reign!

                                                                                    © Sabina Tagore Immanuel
*This poem grew out of an altercation with my son about money matters!
*Pic from the net photogrid