People are often in a tizzy,
If they don’t keep themselves quite busy!
They often don’t know what it’s to rest sweetly,
For they think it’s wrong to just take it easy!

Running around madly trying to do something,
May not just be the answer needed for everything.
Resting brings dividends that are often unexpected,
Yet it’s the one thing that’s quite frankly neglected!

Rocking chairs can be in constant motion,
Yet they don’t get anywhere for all their locomotion!
Its not necessary to make such a noisy commotion,
In order to get that great and wonderful promotion!

God in wisdom did ordain cessation of movement,
Alternating work with relaxation at the right moment.
We in our foolish frenzy for consumption,
Often pursue goals in frantic assumption!

So take some time to sit in peaceful quietness,
Its actually a hallmark of godly piousness!
Take some time to spend in restoring idleness,
Its a great need for continued righteousness!

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“Be still and know that I am God”
Though the storms may rage
And the winds may blow
Know that He is truly God.

God of all the Earth
God of all creation
God of all the heavens
God of all the seas.

In tides, the stable anchor
In storms, the protecting lee.
In winds, the safe shelter
In everything, He’s the key.

In famine, the living bread
In thirst, the refreshing stream.
In heat the cooling shade
In all, the calming dream.

In springtime, the restoring newness
In summer, the renewing fruitfulness.
In autumn, the changing colors
In winter, the covering sleep.

God of all the seasons, God of all the times
God of all the beginnings, God of all the end.
God of all my desires, God of all my dreams
God who is the hope of all that is truly me.

Be it unto me as You will
For you are my source and till.
Be my stay in all of life’s mill
So that I rest secure and still!
© Sabina Tagore Immanuel