My Master never runs short of any supply,
He’s always there for me when I to Him apply!
He is quite adept in doing things a new way,
None can imitate Him in any way!

My Master doesn’t mind going the extra mile,
To see that my needs are met in style!
None can do like Him without a percentile,
Its better to trust Him for my lifestyle!

My Master delights to surprise me with His providence,
When I look to Him for my provision!
All I expect is just some normal ration,
But He overwhelms me with wonderful munificence!

My Master calls me to live by His simple rule,
To seek His Kingdom first and then just be cool!
He’s promised to add all things that I need,
So I have chosen to follow Him as my Lead!

*Photos courtesy @Kate Remmer and @Igor Ovsyannykov at