Let us visit Dakshinchithra when Uncle, Aunty and their kids come. Dakinshinchithra, what is that? DakshinaChitra is a heritage village that portrays the living beliefs of art, folk performing-arts, craft and architecture of South Indian traditions. . It has a research unit, crafts bazaar, playground anad an area to hold religious functions, stone workshop, and souvenir kiosks. Wow, how did it come into existence? Well, Deborah Thiagarajan, impressed by rural south India, wanted to preserve the culture. With the help of architect, Laurie Baker, she conceived this place. He didn’t charge any fee because of his interest in rural architectural design! The highlight is the reconstruction of 18 heritage houses from different parts of S.India. I can’t wait to see the place!
*Dakshinchithra means a picture of the south. The museum is a center for living traditions of art, folk performing arts, and crafts set up with the objective of preserving and promoting South India’s heritage and culture. Special programmes feature dances, crafting of necklaces, basket weaving, and puppet shows. The museum also holds workshops for training in traditional crafts such as indigo dyeing. Potters trained at the center are issued a certificate of their skills by the regional office of the Department of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts). Classical dances such as Bharatnatyam, Mohiniyattam and Kuchipudi, and music concerts are regular events held in the large amphitheater. Each year, 15,000 school children visit the museum.
To know more about Dakinshinchithra please access following websites. &

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Legend says a wise man invented a game to represent the kingdom consisting of the king himself, his queen, rooks, bishops, knights, and pawns, all of which were important.

This was to convince his tyrannical Indian king, Shihram, of the importance of each resident of his kingdom.

He then requested the king to put one grain of wheat on the first square, two on the second, four, eight, sixteen and so on, until all squares were filled.

Surprisingly, the king found that such an enormous amount of wheat did not exist!

The king learnt two lessons – of life & of not underestimating small things in life!


*Friday Fictioneers is talented group of enthusiasts penning down a story, a poem, a prose, etc., expressing their heart about a photo prompt © Jeff Arnold


An infinite God Who is beyond comprehension,
Chooses me as His own without any aversion.
The God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob
Singles me out to make me His very own!

I am His masterpiece, the work of His Hand,
Fashioned as His exhibit, though made of sand!
He has made His pick, now I must make mine,
To respond to His call and make no whine.

Marked and branded by Him,
Hunted and haunted by Him,
I make Him my choice, following Him as I ought,
Worshipping Him as God, denying Him naught!

Chosen to be tested and proven to have no blame,
Willing to be made worthy to be called by His Name.
Chosen to obey and lay down my best,
I will not baulk, though I leave behind the rest.

How can I deny Him whatever be the cost,
He did sacrifice His Son to pay for my crime.
I choose to follow Him to the utmost,
For He is and always will be for me in time!

Sabina Tagore Immanuel

*Poem inspired sermon preached by Ps James spoken on Sunday 28th Oct 2018 in NLAG, Chennai, S.India
*Image credits Creator: roberthyrons Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto Copyright: roberthyrons Information extracted from IPTC Photo Metadata.


Rest, He said, under my care,
I wouldn’t, as I sought to tear
Things apart with my share,
Unable to sit silent and bare.

Relax, He said, under my yoke,
I didn’t, for I knew the mock
This quiet stand would bring
And the ridicule that would sting.

Step back, He said, its my plan,
I struggled, for it felt so wrong
To do nothing, while others ran,
Here and there with burdens strong.

Calm down, He said, I know the way
I couldn’t, for I loved my role so dear.
It seemed a waste to be held at bay,
When a million things pulled at me near.

Be still, He said, know I am God
I wept, for I lost all I’d earned thus far.
I remembered His burden is light,
And His will the best for He’s my Lord.

I was all for doing,
He was all for abiding.
I thought I knew what is right,
But only He knows what’s best, day or night

Sabina Tagore Immanuel

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“Most of the people in the village were a little envious of Binya’s blue umbrella. No one else had ever possessed one like it…

Secretly, everyone admired it.

Unlike the adults, the children didn’t have to pretend. They were full of praise for the umbrella. It was so light, so pretty, so bright a blue! And it was just the right size for Binya. They knew that if they said nice things about the umbrella, Binya would smile and give it to them to hold for a little while—just a very little while!”

As I read this in The Blue Umbrella, I thought to myself: What a contrast!

*I have given an excerpt from RUSKIN BOND’s The Blue Umbrella, a tale set in the mountains of North India. Do take time to read this tale and watch the movie, for it really captures the quaintness and simplicity of Indian villages. Click on the link to read

blue umbrella

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Every season has its own beauties, its own duties, its own blessings and it’s own lessons.

Spring is the time of new beginnings that comes after the hibernating quietness of winter. New shoots, new growth, new sprouting, new leaves… Its a time of new life, exhilaration at the stirrings of nature, excitement at the newness of it all. Its wonderful to see the earth shake and shrug off its widow mantle of white and begin to don a garb of colors, green, brown and more!

Summer brings the fullness of growth and the budding of the fruit. A time of hard work, tears and sweat, it carries within itself a hint or hope of a harvest to reap. The heat of the day becomes a harbinger of the cool of the night ahead. The color spectrum moves more towards the blue-green-yellow end, a vividness that displays the splendor of the earth in its fullness!

Autumn comes in tp paint with its brush of yellow, orange, red, brown colors, to mellow the ground and everything else. The fruit has ripened, the grain grown great and everything bows low so it is easy to be divested of its pregnant burden. There is a rush to gather in the harvest, for a chillness in the air portends the impending cold. There is a scrambling to finish the gathering, to maximize the storing of resources for the season that’s just around the corner!

Winter with its monochrome whiteness seems to speak of the stillness of death, but in reality is truly the quietness of rest and restoration. Earth and it’s minions have earned their Sabbath sleep and no one can grudge them that, for they have toiled hard. Even the waters slumber under their blanket of frozen whiteness, but underneath lies a world of actively teeming life just waiting for the call to come forth renewed!

Life is programmed for and as a cycle of growth stages, with even the moon and the tides growing through a waxing and waning. The beauty of the mountains is the contrast of heights and valleys, while repeated retreat of the sea waves is the true cause of a delight to stand before it.

The courtship, the building of a nest, the birthing there in, the growth that brings spreading of wings is all a preparation for the flight from and dismantling of the nest.

After a period of rest, life then moves on to a new cycle, a new place, a new nest, a new everything. Nature’s example gives hope for mankind, to evolve and grow with each season of life, without resistance or solemn refrain though there maybe pain!

Life, cannot be stopped but will bubble forth, unless you dig a grave and build an epitaph over it – consistently constantly continuously!

Keep moving with life and don’t build a tomb!

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I’ve often felt and heard people say “I wish I hadn’t done that in the past” or “I wish I could change my past”.

I’ve also heard people exclaim “I wish I could go back and start all over again”

Me? I don’t wish to go back!

Surprising, right? Yet, it is the truth!

I have come too far to go back.

Like a plane passing the point-of-no-return, so called because it would take more fuel to return than go forward!

I have come too far. I have made mistakes but they have been so incorporated into me as learning points.

I have fallen & got up, fallen & been raised up, fallen & climbed back up…

Every step & every detail has been ironed out, fused together and assimilated into me as character, experience, expertise etc, etc etc. My past has made me who I am today .

I sure wish I hadn’t made some mistakes and errors, but I have benefitted from them.

In overcoming my faults & defaults, I’ve become better than I hoped to be, thanks to the Hand of the Master Craftsman.

Maybe you won’t believe this: I am content to be who I am.

Like wine, choice & fine, I have distilled, aged & refined.

I am happy to go on, to build my future with the back up of my past.

Regrets yes, but won’t trade my present for my past or for changing it!

How about you?

Love to hear from you!